Waves over matter


Exploring a way to Create Music with brainwaves

Traditionally, music has been the consequence of human motion. You strum a guitar, press the keys on a piano, strike the head of a snare. Each of those things require you to move your body at the right moment. With [waves-over-matter] I’m exploring the possibility of using the electrical activity from our brains as the activator of musical instruments.

In my current approach I use a Muse headband which captures five different brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta. The signals are then interpreted and translated by a computer program I wrote. Each brain wave signal is routed to a different instrument. As the signals change over time the system creates an evolving composition that mirrors the user’s state of mind. This approach essentially shortens the path from thought to sound.

I hope to further develop this project to create a more accurate/honest translation of the brain wave signals and ultimately of the user’s thoughts.